Are You MISSING LINKEDIN — You should not — But WHY?

Are you Missing LinkedIn — You should not — But Why?

What is Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a Social networking site same as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

But LinkedIn is a different and unique flavor in the social networking world. It can be termed as a Socio-Professional Networking platform.

It’s now more than 4 years, I am being part of LinkedIn community and actively engaging on this platform, trying to add value in one form or the other.

Facebook being the biggest Social networking platform — a blessing for the people all-around the world but If something has added more value to professionals that it’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn being ignored by many and its power still mis-calculated, is the best Socio-professional networking platform.

It’s the heaven for professionals and for everyone who want to fill their mind with new learning and new ideas.

Change has happened. Adaptation is the only way to survive. Digital is the new survival.

Now in these turbulent times, where survival is the only goal of people and businesses, LinkedIn has also shown itself that ignoring me, will be a blunder of the era.

LinkedIn is being considered and widely mis-calculated as a Job-Searching site or a CV-Posting site. But this is not true. LinkedIn is not a job-searching or CV-Posting site.

Job Searching is just a by-product of what you can achieve on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides you a lot of flavors to learn, to grow, to create, to share, to meet new people, to engage with new people around different industries and fields.

LinkedIn is your digital footprint. It’s your digital presence. It’s your portfolio that tells the online world that who you are.

A good LinkedIn profile is like a magnet, which attracts opportunities but on the other hand, when a LinkedIn profile is not carefully crafted than you are committing professional career suicide.

Linkedin is a platform of DOTS.


Yes DOTS. Each entity on LinkedIn is a Dot. it is the platform where people connect people and people connect to businesses. So, a dot-to-dot connection established. Now each dot-to-dot connection connects you to another dot and finally to an opportunity.

Now it depends upon you that what is your purpose of joining LinkedIn and which dot you are seeking to connect with.

An indirect approach can help you to hit the bull eye.

So, you need to understand the power of LinkedIn. These are some numbers about LinkedIn to open your Eyes and mind and motivate you to explore the Power of LinkedIn.

• 720M+ Members

• Fastest Growing Socio-Professional Networking Platform

• 2 Sig-ups per Second

• 50M+ Companies

• 40M+ Job Searches Per Week

• 90M+ Senior Level Influencers

• 63M+ Decision Makers

• 14M Jobs Listed in Oct-2020

• 100M Job Applications Per Month

• 3 People Hired Every Minute

• 9 out of 10 Recruiters Use LinkedIn for Talent Search

• Survey-2017, 122M Users invited to Interview through Linkedin and 35.5M hired on LinkedIn through Networking

Now if you want to find a job, LinkedIn has more than 50M companies and more than 63M decision-makers. 90% of the recruiters use LinkedIn to seek talent and every minute 3 people are hired on LinkedIn.

Now if you want to sell your product and enhance your business, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B sales.

Now if you want to grow a professional network then LinkedIn has 720M+ members with 90M+ Senior Level influencers.

Now if you are a student, fresh graduate, an employee, a freelance, a founder, an entrepreneur, LinkedIn gives you the power to connect the dots to connect with your opportunity.

It’s an ocean and you are a swimmer. Jump and explore the hidden treasure, lying deep inside LinkedIn.

You can explore the power of LinkedIn and earn full benefit, if you take the following steps. These are called the 5 pillars to Grow on Linkedin.

Now what is stopping you Explore and Conquer LinkedIn.

Still Struggling on LinkedIn — Want to Sell Yourself on LinkedIn — Want to Explore the Magic of LinkedIn — Connect with Me on LinkedIn.

I provide Profile Audit, Profile Optimization and 1–1 LinkedIn Growth Consulting Services.

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LinkedIn Growth Coach — I help Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers Grow and Win Opportunities on LinkedIn

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Ishtiaq Marwat - LinkedInPreneur

LinkedIn Growth Coach — I help Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers Grow and Win Opportunities on LinkedIn