Art of finding and understanding your Target Audience using LinkedIn

Ishtiaq Marwat - LinkedInPreneur
3 min readDec 11, 2021

You are a jobseeker, looking for opportunities in your dream company.

You are an emerging entrepreneur, seeking for strategies to expand your business and acquire investors and clients.

You are a freelancer searching for clients to sell your services

You are a coach who is hustling to find your ideal clientele.

Now, this is a tough situation when you enter the crowd of millions and you start searching for your target. You will become overwhelmed and eventually give up since this appears to be impossible.

But Hold On!!!

Don’t give up on this article and keep reading it till the end. There is something wonderful inside, which will make it possible for you to hit the bullseye.

Yes, I am talking about LinkedIn and the strategy to unleash the power of LinkedIn.

The first and the most important task to achieve your goals and hit your target is to find What is your target. You need to clearly map a few things and create your ideal audience persona.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

What are your skills and expertise?

What type of problems you can solve?

What type of people face the problem; you want to solve?

How will your solution create an impact on their life, career, or business?

Age of your audience?

Where your audience can be found?

And after designing your ideal audience persona, you have to find and understand your target audience.

But how it is possible with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn with over 800 million users worldwide, is the only platform that provides you complete visibility of almost all the activities of your target audience.

Before pitching your services to anyone on LinkedIn, the first and most critical step is to discover and understand their behavior.

But how you would do that?

Would you use any automation tool?

No, an automation tool is not a viable option here.

It may result in your account being permanently restricted.

There is a simple solution.

Activity Section

The activity section is the most powerful section of your LinkedIn Profile that can provide you complete visibility of the Activity & Engagement of your target audience. Even if you are not directly connected with any person, you still have the opportunity to learn & understand them.

Just go to their profile activity section and learn whether they fit in your audience persona or not?

You can easily find:

  • Either they are active on LinkedIn
  • What they want to read?
  • What they engage with?
  • Who they engage with?
  • What pain or problem they are facing?

& Much more

Have you ever used the activity section to understand your target audience?

Best of Luck with a Winning Journey on LinkedIn.

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