GAP Between Employers And Graduates — How To Fill The GAP — A Self Review

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As the world is progressing towards a higher literacy rate ever, the awareness of education is increasing among people. At the same time, technological advancements are coming at the fastest pace ever. New subjects like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning have been introduced and such areas are nowadays getting more attention. Internet is a big messy thing and accessible by everyone due to the smartphone era. Now at the same time, with messy advancements in the technology and increase in literacy, more and more students are completing their studies, coming into the professional career phase of life. Along with all these advancements, still unemployment is one of the major problems. More and more graduates are coming out of universities/ colleges but the number of jobs available, number of placement opportunities are not enough. Now here comes the competition. Now here comes the trick.

Now the Corporate world, businesses being built to earn money for the owners, investors, need people with extraordinary skills, extraordinary abilities to run their businesses, to manage these corporations. Business is a business and its aim is profit and these are not like charities or non-profits. Business needs blood, business need workers to run it, to progress it, to make it more successful, in order to make more and more profits.

Now the problem arises here.

· Educational system is producing more and more graduates.

· Corporations and Businesses need Creative, Talented and extraordinary people.

Although our educational system is moving at a fast pace towards advancement but still it has some flaws, some loop holes. Still our educational system is not providing quality education. There is no or so little concept of innovation and creativity in our educational system. There is no focus on injecting creativity. There is no concept of thinking out of the box. There is no concept of the world outside the books (course books). There is so little concept of understanding things. Our educational system is all and all focused on good grades, higher GPA. Being creative and thinking about innovation is considered a shit idea even in this era.

Now These loop holes, these flaws are creating problems. The gap between a graduate and the willingness of corporate or business to hire him/her is the result of these flaws. The more the gap, the more unemployment will increase.

What Corporations/ Businesses Need:

· They need Humans (Social People)

· They need Leadership Oriented Individuals

· They need Team Oriented Individuals

· They need Creative and Innovative Individuals

· They need Hard Workers and Smart Workers

· They need people who show keen interest in Learning and Growth

What Education System is Providing:

· Good GPA / Grade Holders

· Robots in the Shape of Human

· Job Focused Individuals

· No Creative or Innovative Approach

· Just Course Book Worms

· Straight Going — Not thinking about any alternative

· Extreme Hard workers

· Followers

Now How to Fill the GAP:

Now there is only one solution to this problem. Solution is to fulfill the demand. Now this very very difficult to change our educational system within a span of months or year or two because this traditional educational system will take time. In order to bring revolution within our educational system will need a lot of time. But let’s consider the alternative. Let’s try to bring a minor change. Change is change, no matter how small it is.

The concept of creativity, passion, innovation, entrepreneurship is getting more focus nowadays. Being a part of this traditional educational system, we can think of how we can inject creativity, innovation and flavor of passion and entrepreneurship in our life.

- How can we be creative?

- How can we be innovative?

- How can we connect the dots?

- How can we think out of the box?

TIPS for Students & Graduates (Un-Employed)

So Here are some good tips or techniques for all the students and graduates (Un-employed):

· Along with Course Books — Make A Habit of Reading Self Help and Other Books

· Watching/Hearing Talks of Successful People/ Speakers/ Trainers

· Make a Commitment of Learning One New Thing Every day (No Matter How Much Small it — Even a Microsoft Excel Summation Formula)

· Make a habit of Action — Just Learning and Filling Your Mind is not good

· Share Your Knowledge with others — it can be through Video (YouTube or Facebook) or Audio (Blogging) or can be in any other way

· Become member of Volunteer Societies

· Try new things everyday — Much better is Create your Own Startup because even if you fail to build a successful one, you learn the skills and you become more creative and corporations nowadays focus on such individuals

· Try alternatives to do a same job — How can I be different in doing this thing

· Network with Successful and Learned People

· Seek some great mentors and take advice from them

· Along with focusing on your educational career, try to learn some new skills, make a hobby of something other than your field like photography, videography, graphic designing, writing, programming, vlogging and more and more skills

TIPS for Early Level Professionals (Employed Youth)

In the early part of the professional career, it is both very easy and at the same time very difficult to become a star because of no or very little experience. Also adjustment with the BOSS and fulfilling his/her requirements is a difficult task in itself. Corporations like creative and innovative individuals

· Focus on Learning and Growth

· Try to be Creative in your work

· Focus on how to be a good leader — Team Leadership

· Become a good team member

· Show empathy

· Show your involvement in all the activities beyond your job requirements and participate actively

· Learn new skills and new ways to do your job in an efficient and effective way

· Try to be a quick learner

· Try and create different ways to get the job done in an efficient way

· Make a habit of Collaboration with others at workplace

· Volunteer your other skills beyond your job requirements for the company’s progress

· Share your learnings with others

· Along with focusing on your professional career requirements and job responsibilities, try to learn some new skills, make a hobby of something other than your field like photography, videography, graphic designing, writing, vlogging and more and more skills. It will help you to become more creative and innovative and will help you do your job in a best way

· Network with successful people of your industry and other than your industry and learn from them

· Seek some great mentors and take advice from them

At the same time, all the above tips and techniques can help anyone who is starting job with a new company.

Now these are some tips or some techniques that I had learnt in my early level professional career. I am not a highly experienced person but an early level professional with a keen interest in learning and sharing my knowledge and all these techniques had helped me a lot and are helping me in advancing my career in all dimensions.

Now you are anyone, student or graduate, employed or un-employed, these techniques and tips are the focus of all the companies, businesses and corporations. The huge gap between graduated and employed can be filled only if we take responsibility for our lives and we choose to focus on equipping ourselves with those skills and techniques. Only and only these techniques decide that who can crawl only and who can jump.

Otherwise traditional educational system is just like an industry producing more and more graduates, adding to the batch of Un-Employed.

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