LinkedIn and Why you need to be part of it in 2021

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Let’s start the discussion with two questions.

Just answer these questions in your mind as you are reading this article.

Question #01: Who are you and What are you doing?

Question #02: What you had learned from COVID-19?

These are just 2 simple questions.

Now many of you would have generated random answers to both the questions, based on the type of work, you are doing.

But the most generic and simple answer to the first question is that You are a Product and you are selling and marketing yourself all the time.

The second thing!

When COVID-19 came and disruption has occurred, the clouds of confusion had fully occupied the minds of people around the globe. No one was able to comprehend what is happening and what is going to happen and where we will go?

People were comprehending the pandemic in different ways. But one message was very clear and concise.

Digital is the survival. Covid19 has enforced digitalization.

Those companies, educational institutions, businesses, who were considering digital transformation as an option only, were adopting it as a mode of survival.

Now combining these 2 statements.

You are a Product — and You are marking yourself all the time.

Digital is the survival.

When we connect the dots then it becomes that Being a product in the digitally disrupted era, you have to go Digital to sell yourself.

So here comes the need for Digital branding. And to build your Digital brand, the best place for you is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a place that provides you all the flavors to build a digital portfolio and make the noise at the right place, in front of the right opportunities.

LinkedIn is a platform that provides you an opportunity to connect with the right kind of audience for your career growth or business growth.

So either you are a student, fresh grad, working professional, freelancer, or entrepreneur, Linkedin is the best and the right place for you to build your Digital brand and create an impact to connect with the right opportunities at the right time.

Now Let’s talk about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social networking platform same as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. where people around the globe connect, share knowledge, find opportunities, showcase their talent, and eventually grow.

LinkedIn is a Social networking platform for professionals. It’s also called a Socio-Professional networking platform. Some LinkedIn experts and recruiters’ term it as a Facebook for your career.

Now, this is very true about LinkedIn in the digitally disrupted world that LinkedIn has become the hub for professional networking and has moved it to a new level.

Also, Covid19 has increased the importance of LinkedIn where membership has been increased to 738 Million (more than 20% increase in new members in 2020).

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for your career and business growth. Many people around the globe still consider it as a job-searching site or CV posting site but LinkedIn is more powerful than just job-searching.

So, if you want to make an impactful noise using your digital portfolio and want to sell yourself online, then LinkedIn is the only place for you.

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