To Do Nothing — You Must Stay At The Top

“person on top mountain” by Tory Morrison on Unsplash

Once upon a time, there was rabbit wandering here and there in the forest in search of food. At the moment, the rabbit saw an eagle sitting in calm mood on the top branch of the tree and observing the forest from the top. The rabbit was amazed that look at me, I am in search of food and also at the same time in danger of being a prey and eaten away but look at the eagle, how calm the eagle is — calm — happy — enjoying. The rabbit went near to eagle and asked the eagle that can I sit calm and doing nothing like you. Eagle said sure — no problem, you can sit calm and resting.

Rabbit rested there and starts enjoying doing nothing phase. But soon a fox wandering in search of prey, saw the rabbit resting there in the grass. The fox jumped and caught the rabbit. When the fox was taking the rabbit away, the eagle shouted that my friend — To sit and do nothing, you must be sitting at the top.

Resting and Enjoyment are the two most attractive phases and everyone wish to have it but if you are not at the top then soon you will become a prey like rabbit.

Being an average person, you need to be in continuous search, find ways to reach your destination, to achieve your goals. To reach — you must need to walk — you need to move.



Ishtiaq Marwat - LinkedInPreneur

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