Why LinkedIn as your Digital Portfolio

In the previous article we talked about 3 things:

· We are products and we are selling or marketing ourselves all the time.

· COVID19 has given us a Clear message: #DIGITAL is the survival.

· LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals.

Now LinkedIn over the years has transformed itself into a social media powerhouse for professional networking and professional personal branding and has made enormous changes that made it the first choice of professionals.

This transformational journey of LinkedIn from an Online CV Posting site or Job-searching site to a professional networking platform, has made it the perfect fit to serve as your digital portfolio.

Now if we consider Facebook then LinkedIn has almost the same features as Facebook but Facebook is mainly being used for private purposes and the circle is limited to close friends and families.

LinkedIn is a different flavor. It uses the same features as Facebook but the purpose here is to showcase to a bigger circle that includes that people they know and people they want to know. It provides you an opportunity to put everything relating to your career or professional journey starting from school to your current experience.

Now on Facebook, it becomes difficult to find a CEO of a company, and if you are lucky enough to find one then adding that CEO to your network is a difficult task. But LinkedIn provides you an opportunity to look into the profile of anyone, belonging to any part of the world and read and learn about them.

Also, It is easier for you to find that how this person can add value to you and how can I serve them.

Now Let’s talk about How it is a perfect fit as a Digital Portfolio:

LinkedIn provides you all the features that will help you to showcase your brand in front of the right people and the right opportunities. These features include the pitching section i.e. profile name, picture, headline, and the selling section i.e. banner, about section, featured section, experience, education, certification, skills, and recommendation section.

Now the purpose of all those features makes you a perfect fit for the digitally disrupted world. Because digitalization has transformed the world and people do not believe in what you say but they believe in what they see.

So, LinkedIn being a digital portfolio serve you as “SHOW US — DON’T TELL”.

For example: If you are a fresh graduate and seeking an internship position. Then what will be the right approach to grab an internship opportunity in one of the best organizations.



People believe in what you show to them. Now being a Fresh graduate, you can showcase your achievements, your knowledge, and skills, your aptitude using your LinkedIn profile. You can highlight using different innovative LinkedIn features that what value you can add and how you can add value.

Now, this proactive approach will help you stand out from the crowd.

Also, A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can help you to gain visibility in front of the right opportunities and decision-makers.

As Woody Allen once quoted that 80% of success is showing up.

Now if you are not using LinkedIn then your approach as a fresh graduate will be reactive. For example, you will be applying for different internship positions and if you are lucky enough to be shortlisted for an interview then you have nothing to show as proof and you will talk about it that what value you can add but you will be unable to show that how you can add value.

The same situation applies to everyone, working in any field of life.

Visibility is the first step to success.

If you want to learn:

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LinkedIn Growth Coach — I help Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers Grow and Win Opportunities on LinkedIn

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Ishtiaq Marwat - LinkedInPreneur

LinkedIn Growth Coach — I help Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers Grow and Win Opportunities on LinkedIn